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I Went To Antarctica!

We had a bunch of points left over from holidays we’d had to forego because of the rona.  I just assumed that we’d hold on to them and save it all for when and if this thing ever ends.

However, my wife had other plans.

Knowing that I have a love for exploring, she used the points to book me on a surprise flight over Antarctica!

It was a 16 hour flight leaving Brisbane at 7:30am, flying down to the frozen continent to spend a few hours flying over it before returning home at about 10:45pm.

One of the questions I’ve had most is, “Once you’re there, wouldn’t it just be boring staring at snow for 5 hours straight?”

To be honest, I was a little concerned that this might actually be the case, however, it was anything but!

Words can’t do justice to Antarctica. Sure, there was a lot of white, but the ravines, the mountains, the glaciers and the untouched beauty was pure magic!




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